RAM School of Motoring – Driving Lessons in Leicester

Cancellations & Refund Policy


Sometimes things may not go to plan and you may need make changes to or cancel your driving lesson booking with RAM School of Motoring and request a refund. In these cases we politely ask you request your cancellation by contacting us or informing your driving instructor directly with 48 hours notice. This will help give us time to reallocate your time slot for another learner driver.
If you need to request a late cancellation within 48 hours of your driving lesson booking, please try to contact us as soon as possible. We appreciate there may be extenuating circumstances which cannot be accounted for in advance, and we will consider these on a case by case basis with accompanying evidence. However, if you are unable to provide sufficient evidence of the extenuating circumstances for your late cancellation, you may be held liable for the full amount charged for your booking.
Substantive evidence should be provided for your extenuating circumstances claim, which has been signed and verified by an official or authoritative figure associated with your claim, i.e. your GP, academic or employer. Please also include the contact details of the individual or establishment as we may need to verify your claim with them.

Weather Conditions

Please do not immediately assume lesson bookings will automatically be cancelled due to any adverse weather conditions. In the first instance please contact your driving instructor and confirm the status of your booking.
Where safe and possible, we will continue to provide tuition in spite of the weather conditions as this can serve as an opportunity for learner drivers to become accustomed to adverse driving conditions and learn how to persevere through any obstacle they might face.



You will receive your refund within 7-10 working days after confirming your cancellation with the driving instructor. Timescales may vary depending on your bank. A 2% administrative charge will apply for card transactions/refunds.

Standard/Student Lesson Booking Refund

Standard/Student lesson bookings will be refunded provided you have followed our cancellation policy and have been able to request your lesson cancellation with 48 hours notice, or have provided sufficient and substantive evidence for an extenuating circumstance.

Block-Booking Refunds

Block-Bookings will be refunded provided you have requested your booking cancellation within the 14 day grace period. Once the 14 day grace period has expired, you will not be entitled to request a refund. Although you will still be able complete your outstanding block-booking lessons within the one year entitlement period from the original booking date.
Should you request a refund within the 14 day grace period, you will only be entitled to a full refund if you have not already started tuition.
If you have already started tuition, you will only be entitled to a partial refund for the outstanding lessons in your block-booking. Requesting a partial refund will nullify your free hour entitlement and any redeemed lessons will be charged at the original standard/student lesson rate.
E.g. if you have paid for a 10 hour (+1 free hour) standard block-booking at £280 and have already undertaken 3 hours of tuition before requesting a partial refund, you would be charged £28 for the 3 hours of tuition, meaning you would receive a refund of £196 for the outstanding 7 lessons (excluding administrative charges for card transactions).