Driving Instructor Leicester

Practical Test

The Practical test, this is the time when the test candidate has to prove their ability and show what has been learnt with their driving instructor. The confidence to drive safely under control through varied and changing road conditions and also carry out 1 out of 4 clutch control exercises which are -:
  • Parallel Parking
  • Reverse Park In a Parking Bay
  • Forward Park In a Parking Bay And Safely Reverse Out Of the Bay
  • Pull Up on the Right Side Of the Road, Reverse For 2 Car Lengths then Rejoin the Traffic on the Left

Candidates may also be asked to carry out an Emergency Stop. 

For a period of about 20 minutes candidates will be asked to drive independently by either following directions from a Sat Nav (Sat Nav is provided by the examiner who will also set the route) or follow road signs and a series of direction given by the driving test examiner. 
At the start of the Practical Test Candidates will be asked one Tell Me Question and explain how basic Car Maintenance checks are made and one Show Me Question while driving and show how you would carry out a safety task on the move. You will have learnt all the Show Me Tell Me Questiones with your driving instructor.
The total duration of the test is 40 minutes after which the Candidates will be given the result of the test.
Only 15 minor Driving Faults are allowed before the Candidate is failed. Committing one Serious or a Dangerous Fault will result in a failure.