RAM School of Motoring – Driving Lessons in Leicester

Practical Test

The practical driving test is the final destination in your journey as a learner driver undertaking driving tuition. After completing your theory test and reaching a competent level of driving proficiency, the practical driving test is your moment to demonstrate the progress you have made and skills you have gathered through your driving lessons.

Our driving instructors will do their absolute best to train and support you, but ultimately it is your duty to master the exercises, manoeuvres and techniques covered and use these not only to pass your practical driving test, but also beyond in everyday practice.



At the start of the practical driving test you will be asked one “Tell Me” question to explain how basic car maintenance checks are made, and one “Show Me” question while driving to show you are able to operate basic utility controls while on the move when needed. You will have covered all of the Show Me / Tell Me Questions with your driving instructor during your driving lessons.

During your practical driving test you will need to show confidence in driving safely and under control through various road conditions and scenarios. For a period of 20 minutes approx. you will be asked to drive independently, either following directions from a Sat Nav (the Sat Nav will be provided by the examiner, who will also set the route) or while following road signs and a series of directions given by the driving test examiner.


You will also need to be prepared to carry out 1 of the 4 following clutch control exercises: 

  • Parallel parking
  • Reverse park in a parking bay
  • Forward park in a parking bay, followed by safely reversing out of the bay
  • Pulling up on the right side of the road, reversing for 2 car lengths and then rejoining the traffic on the left side of the road.

You may also be required to carry out an emergency stop.



The total duration of the test will be 40 minutes. Only up to 15 minor driving faults will be accepted before resulting in a fail. Committing one serious or dangerous fault will also result with a fail. You will immediately receive the final results at the end of your practical driving test.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, new measures were introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) outlining that if a test candidate commits one serious or dangerous fault, the practical driving test will immediately be terminated and the test candidate will be driven back to the test centre. You results will be emailed directly to you, in order to minimise contact and prevent further spread of COVID-19.


Learn more about what you will need, what you can expect and how you will be examined at your Practical Test on GOV.UK.