RAM School of Motoring – Driving Lessons in Leicester

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a training course geared towards enhancing your driving skills and helping you to drive more safely. New drivers who have recently passed their practical driving test and received their full driving license will typically benefit more from this course, but all levels of drivers who are full driving license holders are welcome to take the course.



The Pass Plus course will aim to build upon your existing knowledge and driving skills by teaching you how to anticipate, plan for and handle driving hazards. This is primarily to help you become a more confident driver on the road, and try to minimise the risk of getting involved in an accident due having to little unsupervised driving experience.

But the added benefit of taking the Pass Plus course will be that, as a Pass Plus certificate holder, you will gain access to discounted car insurance rates from participating providers. 


Course Details

The Pass Plus course will consist of six modules, covering driving:

  • in town
  • in all weather conditions
  • on rural roads
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

Anyone holding a full UK driving licence is eligible to register for this course. You will not be required to take another driving test. Instead your driving instructor will assess your performance and progress, and advise you if further practice is needed before completing the course. Each of the modules must be completed successfully to a satisfactory standard in order to pass and receive your Pass Plus certificate.


Learn more about Pass Plus at GOV.UK.