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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Last Updated: 11/01/2021, 11:30

Driving lessons are currently suspended.

With the UK Government’s updated restrictions on 30/12/2020, and subsequent announcement on 04/01/2021 of a third national lockdown, Leicester City and Leicestershire have now entered Tier 4 restrictions. As a consequence of this, we regrettably announce that driving tuition with RAM School of Motoring will remain suspended until further notice. This will be in accordance with the DVSA’s restrictions prohibiting both driving lessons and driving tests from taking place in Tier 4 areas, with the goal of preventing further spread of COVID-19 and especially the new strain of the virus.

We will continue to follow the UK Government’s guidance, while assessing the current state of the pandemic on a local and national scale, and will update you accordingly once we feel it is safe to recommence tuition. Keep an eye on our COVID-19 webpage for any further updates that may follow.

We apologise for any inconveniences this will cause. If you have any questions then please feel free to Contact Us.

With 2021, we look onward. Not with fear, but with hope, for better days to come. For now please stay safe and follow the UK Government’s guidelines. We look forward to getting back on the road again soon.

In the early months of 2020, the world fell to a standstill as we witnessed COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spread across the globe, impacting millions of lives, businesses, and society as a whole in the process. Our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected in these difficult times by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the virus began to spread across the United Kingdom our initial response was to suspend all driving tuition, in line with the Government’s social-distancing guidance, until we felt it would be safe to return to ordinary practice. While the Rate of Infection (R) is decreasing both nationally and locally within Leicestershire, we realise it is not currently possible nor suitable to return to ordinary practice.

We do however understand the necessity and value in driving tuition, as a means of empowering individuals by helping them become independent drivers. We are here to serve you. Therefore, RAM School of Motoring has made the decision to enforce a number of Health and Safety measures in order to ensure the well-being of our staff and students when providing driving lessons in Leicester during COVID-19, while aiming to prevent further transmission of the virus. These measures will be in line with the regulations set out by the Government of the United Kingdom, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


What We Will Do

  • We will ensure the main contact points inside our vehicles are cleaned between each and every individual driving lesson to maintain a safe environment for our learner drivers.
  • We will ensure our driving instructors are wearing suitable protective equipment, fit for the setting and context of driving lessons, including face masks.
  • We aim to maintain regular stock of hand sanitiser gel, which is expected to be used by each learner driver before commencing their driving lesson.
  • We will keep the windows of the vehicle open during driving lessons to ensure tuition does not take place in an entirely closed-off environment.
  • As ever, we will be continuing with our long-established policy of providing one-to-one tuition, meaning no other learner drivers or passengers will be present during driving lessons, aside from the driving instructor.
  • We will perform document checks (i.e. Driving License checks, Certificates) digitally with documentation and license check codes needing to be sent to the driving instructor at least 24 hours prior to your lesson booking.
    • Please note: you will still be required to bring and show the original documentation when you attend the driving lesson for verification.
  • We will only be accepting payments via Bank Transfer (preferred) before the start of your driving lesson – proof of this transaction will be requested – or by Credit/Debit Card at the start of your driving lesson.
    • Please contact us for the bank account details if your preferred payment method will be a Bank Transfer.
    • Cash payments will not be accepted until further notice.


What We Ask From You

  • We ask each learner driver to ensure they are wearing a face mask prior to entering the vehicle. These will be mandatory for all driving lessons for the foreseeable future. It will be your responsibility to bring your own face mask.
    • Please ensure both your mouth and nose are covered by the mask and that you are comfortable prior to entering the vehicle. It is advised you avoid the need to touch your mask during your driving lesson as this may become a distraction. Read the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidance on wearing face masks.
    • Individuals unable to comply with this measure due to exceptional circumstances such as health/medical conditions are welcome to notify us of this, but will be required to provide official documentation from a licensed medical practitioner explicitly outlining the exceptional circumstance and underlying medical condition. This evidence will be considered by your driving instructor.
    • In these cases our driving instructors will use their best judgement to determine whether it will be possible to continue with the driving lesson, although we cannot guarantee these will take place. Lessons may still be cancelled at our discretion.
  • We ask learner drivers to give prior notice to RAM School of Motoring if you are feeling unwell, experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone infected by the virus, and to seek medical guidance.
    • In these circumstances we will be unable to continue with your arranged driving lesson(s).
    • We ask that you contact us again after a minimum recovery period of 14 days (2 weeks) to arrange your next driving lesson booking.
    • Learner drivers affected by COVID-19 will be exempt from our standard 48 hour cancellation policy.
    • If prior notice has not been given and the instructor identifies you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 before or during the driving lesson, your driving lesson will be immediately cancelled and you will not be eligible for a refund for the booking.
  • We ask learner drivers to avoid wearing any clothing which exposes their arms and legs (i.e. short sleeved shirts/t-shirts, shorts, skirts, etc.) where possible to prevent further contact with surfaces in the car and limit potential transmission of the virus. This will also aid us in our cleaning process.
  • We advise learner drivers to avoid touching their face, their face masks and any unnecessary surfaces in the vehicle beyond the scope of the main contact points, i.e. dashboard, door handle, gear stick and steering wheel.


Terms & Conditions

Despite our rigorous cleaning process to keep our vehicles as safe as possible, we cannot guarantee protection from COVID-19 inside our vehicles. By booking a driving lesson with RAM School of Motoring following the publication of these measures, you 1) agree to comply with and adhere to the measures set out on this page, 2) accept RAM School of Motoring will not be held liable if you contract COVID-19, 3) accept that it is your own responsibility to protect your own safety despite RAM School of Motoring’s best efforts.

Failure to comply with any one of the measures outlined on this page may result with the immediate cancellation of your arranged driving lesson(s).

This should be considered as the beginning of our transition period as we return to practice and adjust to reality under the threat of COVID-19. This means each of these measures are subject to change and further measures may be added as we continue to learn what may be suitable or necessary.

We recommend you visit this page regularly and refer to this page before the start of your driving lesson to keep up to date with our latest measures. If you have any further suggestions for measures we should consider, please feel free to use the form on our Contact Us page.



Due to being unable to operate during the past several months, as well as the need to adjust to new running costs in order to maintain the above measures, we have had to temporarily suspend our long-standing “First 4 Lessons @ £5.95” promotion. We hope to be able to offer this again to prospective learner drivers soon.

Other promotions including Block-Bookings, Intensive Courses and Student Discounts are still available.

If you have existing block-booking driving lessons arranged with RAM School of Motoring, any time spent under a national or local lockdown will not be deducted from the one year entitlement period set out in our Terms & Conditions for this promotion.


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